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Welcome to RP Translate

translation intelligence for global researchers

In 1993, a freelance translator and Insight enthusiast found her calling… now, you have a dynamic team of reliable and knowledgeable Insight Translation and Coding Experts at your fingertips.

We understand that the translation process is instrumental to the success of your Global Research, where language can make or break your survey, your results or even your client relationships. That is why each member of our team is passionate about creating easeful language solutions that soothe your multilingual headaches and allow the quality of your insight to shine through.

How do we help you get the best out of your multilingual research?

Our decades of expertise and knowledge in the Market Research Translation business are combined with continuous development and innovation. We work with you to create bespoke service packages from which you can hand-pick the services most relevant to your needs.

All projects are based on complete IT flexibility, effective scheduling management, an exhaustive range of languages and cost-effective investment solutions. Read about how we applied these principles in our Chinese Coding Case Study here.


When working with consumers across multiple markets, excellent language is vital to the quality of your brand insights. Our team is trained to work every aspect of the translation process so that maximum consistency is retained across diverse markets, while our native, in-country speakers adapt product and linguistic nuances to their cultures. A good translation doesn’t feel like a translation – it speaks to its audience and keeps them fully-engaged, so that you can breathe easy about participation, skew and acquiescence bias.

Our Language Service Packages

  • Brand tracker translations – get a quote here
  • Online survey translations – get a quote here
  • Community forum translations – get a quote here
  • Omnibus survey translations – get a quote here
  • F2F and CATI translations – get a quote here
  • IDI and Focus Group translations – get a quote here.

Have we missed something you need? Let us know here


Precision and sensitivity are of utmost importance in MedPharma and Healthcare. We work with a hand-picked pool of HCP’s, medical experts and pharmaceutical translators around the world to ensure up-to-date, pin-point accuracy across all your markets. Our 5-stage quality verification process is both unique to RP Translate and proven to produce stunning results, above and beyond the norm. We want you to be able to take a back-seat and trust in your translations.

Our Language Service Packages (all include BHBIA-certified AEReporting)

  • Payer survey translations – get a quote here

  • Medical/Pharmaceutical tracker translations – get a quote here

  • In-depth HCP interview translations – get a quote here

  • Patient diary translations – get a quote here

  • Trial and testing translations – get a quote here

Do you need a different service package? Please get in touch here


When translating data into insight, any Business Intelligence Engineer will know the importance of clean and consistent data. Our working processes are mirrored with yours to help you overcome the technical and cultural challenges in identifying new business opportunities for your client, facilitating and improving strategic decision-making, managing their investments and streamlining processes. Relax in the knowledge that your data and intelligence translations provide the foundation for your insights.

Our Language Service Packages (all include coding) 

  • Customer satisfaction translations – get a quote here
  • Employee satisfaction and engagement translations – get a quote here
  • Business performance translations – get a quote here
  • Data warehousing system translations – get a quote here
  • Data analysis translations – get a quote here

Can you find what you’re looking for? Ask us anything here.

ISO and ICO Certificates

ISO 9001 2015 ISO 27001 2013 200 ISO 17100 ICO Data Protection Registration


    Our team consists of experienced and passionate people who love what they do and look forward to facing new challenges


    Ruth Partington 


    John Temple


    Becky Kinnersley
    Head of Operations and Clients

    Our team consists of experienced and passionate people who love what they do and look forward to facing new challenges


    Hanna WitonskaClient Manager
    Lucy H

    Lucy Hardinge
     Quality and Data Controller

    Beata Graczer
    Project Manager

    Our team consists of experienced and passionate people who love what they do and look forward to facing new challenges

    Trainee Project Manager

    Andrew RichardsFinance Administrator

    Pam LovattWebmaster

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BHBIA, Annual Conference 2018 - The Ripple Effect, London
MRS13th-14th March 2018
Impact 2018 Conference, London
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Professor Geoffrey Raisman

All the images on our website are unique and provided by Professor Geoffrey Raisman.  


We are delighted for you to enjoy them, and equally happy for you to respect his copyright.

If you wish to reproduce any, please contact us with details and we will seek approval on your behalf.

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