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When working with consumers across multiple markets, excellent language is vital to the quality of your brand insights. Our team is trained to work every aspect of the translation process so that maximum consistency is retained across diverse markets, while our native, in-country speakers adapt product and linguistic nuances to their cultures.

A good translation doesn’t feel like a translation – it speaks to its audience and keeps them fully-engaged, so that you can breathe easy about participation, skew and acquiescence bias.

Build your ownB2C Translation Package

We tailor a unique service package to suit each project, 
in any language, so that you won’t miss a thing.

Our B2C research translations also benefit from:

Cutting-edge B2C methods

Up-to-date cultural adaptation

Cross-market consistency

Your B2C translation expert, Josephine, is ready
and waiting to hear from you!

Josephine Jacquot

Josephine Jacquot

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