Your choice of Delivery Methodology is a crucial aspect of the success of your research.  It is of vital importance, when writing your material, to have an approach which marries perfectly with the Methodology to be applied.  We respect the amount of effort, knowledge and experience you employ in creating the perfect text, and this respect will carry through to your Project Manager in the selection of your translation teams.

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The Dilemma:  'DK' or 'Don't know'

The Question: What is the delivery method?  Where does it fit in the sentence or structure?  What is its intended meaning?

Possible meanings:  'I don't know', 'He doesn't know', 'She doesn't know', 'They don't know'.  And that's just in English!


 In an inflected language (one where the endings on words change depending on position in a sentence and intended meaning), 'DK' can take several forms, so an understanding of the Methodological Approach is essential to give the correct version.  It's no good giving someone a Self-Completion Questionnaire with 'they don't know' as an option...

At RP Translate, your Project Manager will review your Methodology with an understanding of its target audience, and if, for any reason, this is unclear, they will seek further instruction from you to ensure your translation teams are fully debriefed before they start to produce the best possible linguistic solution for you and your clients.

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