Source Material

Source Material

An understanding of the purpose of a document is all-important for selecting the right terminology and approach, whether it is intended monolingually or for translation.  The purpose of the document dictates our understanding of the text it contains by giving us, the readers, context.

Hot Springs Xi'an China © G Raisman
Hot Springs, Xi'an China


The Dilemma :  'Show'

The Question : What part of speech is it?  Where does it fit in the sentence or structure?  What is its intended meaning?

Possible meanings :  Show me, Theatrical Show, Appearance, Display (amongst many others!).  And that's just in English!


Fitness for Purpose is another key question when it comes to Source Material and deciding how polished you need your final output to be.  If it's client-facing, then you want the best, but if you're translating verbatim responses with a view to collating a final report, a rougher (and cheaper!) offering may be equally appropriate for your purposes.

At RP Translate, your Project Manager will review your Source Material with an understanding of its purpose, and if, for any reason, this is unclear, they will seek further instruction from you to ensure your translation teams are fully debriefed before they start to produce the best possible linguistic solution for you and your clients.

Source   Material
Concepts Attributes
Showcards Verbatim Responses - Online
Stimulus material Verbatim Responses - Hard Copy
Discussion Guides Verbatim Responses - Handwritten
Screeners Audio/Video Interviews/Focus Groups
Questionnaires Results presentations
Online Surveys  
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