Reports and Presentations

Reports and Presentations

For your data analysis to be useful, you need to summarize it to be able to communicate your findings effectively to your client. This would normally be in the form of descriptive text incorporating some of the comments that exemplify your major themes. If you also have quantitative data, your summary of themes may complement or clarify what you saw in the numbers, and your write-up can tie it all together.

If your client is overseas, or has overseas departments, then it becomes essential to provide translations of your findings.

Romania © G RaismanThe Dilemma: References are made in the report to the questions or closed-ended response options from your original survey

The Question: How do I ensure these are consistent between the original survey and the presentation of the findings?

The Solution:  RP Translate!  We will hold your original translations within your project Translation Memory, and can apply these at any point when translating your report findings.  If we did not carry out the translations of your survey originally, then we will be happy to align your English and translated surveys to extract the information required so you have absolute consistency across all areas of your research.


Your RP Translate Project Manager will ask you the right questions to get the right result for you: a stunning and meaningful presentation which is readily understandable by your client or their representatives and one which collates perfectly with its sources.

At RP Translate, we appreciate that the presentation of your findings is the culmination of your current project AND your marketing tool for future projects.  

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