Translation of Verbatim Responses

Verbatim Responses

When you or your client need more detailed information about what your respondents actually said, you may opt for translation of your multilingual verbatim responses, rather than going direct-to-code. 

At RP Translate, we offer two approaches for this, depending on how polished you wish your final verbatim translations to be.

  1. Machine Translation and post-editing option
    It does what it says on the box:  we run your verbatim through a machine translation engine, and then the results are edited by an experienced coder and response handler. This gives you a strong idea of what your respondents said, but does not necessarily correct grammar and punctuation and is ideal for quick turnaround, smaller budgets or where you will perform the analyses yourself

  2. Human translation and checking
    A full translation option, more appropriately applied where your final verbatim translations will be presented directly to your client.  This option takes longer (roughly the same amount of time as regular translation) and gives you a polished translation finish, with appropriately applied grammar and punctuation for full client presentation.
Wall Script from Dai Minzu China © G Raisman

What did you say?

Your options on whether to go for Machine Translation/post-edit or Human Translation/check may well be limited by the format in which you have your multilingual data.  Verbatim responses usually fall into one of three formats: 

  1. Typed online responses in electronic format
  2. Hard copy typed responses
  3. Hard copy hand-written responses

The Machine Translation/post-edit option can only be applied to electronic format responses.  That said, we also have a multilingual transcription team on hand who will be happy to type up and hard copy responses you may have received, and once rekeyed, Machine Translation can then be applied.  The advantage of this is that you will then have all your verbatim in full electronic format (both the original language and the translation), and this information can easily be applied into your client reports on your findings.

Moreover, if you need specific items dealt with sensitively, such as removal of names or profanities, then our teams will provide you with a full translation AND an edited version, so you can see exactly what has been removed, empowering you to give your client the best and most appropriate information.  We can also edit source material in the same way if required.

Your RP Translate Project Manager will be happy to provide advice on the best way to proceed based on your timings, budget and final requirements.

Working with RPT a breath of fresh air!

"I must say I’ve been really impressed by the service that you guys offer! This is the first time I’ve managed a local language topic from the beginning and you and Cressida have been brilliant – the communication is excellent and you always deliver when you say you will which I really appreciate. Even down to receiving invoices, it helps for us to get them this way split out my project manager.  In my past job I have worked with lots of translation agencies and it’s always been a bit of a headache so it’s a breath of fresh air working with RPT."


Date : 08.04 2014

Languages : From English to Japanese and Japanese to English

Project : Questionnaire and open ended responses

Only good things to say about RPT!

"I only have good things to say! Your service was incredibly quick (even despite our very tight timings), and I’m very pleased with the quality of the translations and the responses to my queries that followed. We were in a bit of a panic with this project, but thankfully everything went better than we could have expected and your help on this played no small part."


Date : 10.01 2015

Languages : From Spanish to English

Project : Translation of verbatim responses

Format : An exported Excel file.  These can prove tricky to handle to make sure that the data doesn’t get muddled and verbatim attributed to the wrong respondent ID, especially where there are several sets of responses to different questions within the same worksheet.

Ruth says:  Verbatim responses require particular attention to ensure accurate and understandable translations are provided to allow effective and relevant insights to be drawn from them.  In this case, the client needed a relatively large volume in a short space of time, and meaning was not always immediately clear due to the nature of the research and use of language by the respondents.  RP Translate’s experienced Project Management team were able to unravel the verbatim jigsaw and provide the client with a base on which they were able to build their insights and advise their client on how best to interpret and utilise the research.

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