On-line Survey Solutions

There are three main approaches to translating Online Surveys.  

The first, and most common, is for your programmer to export the survey for translation, and reimport the translated version. 

The second is for you to give our translation teams access to your Online Survey Software, and for us to insert the translations directly into your survey.  Confirmit™ Translator Module is the most common tool for this latter approach. 

The third approach is an overlay file, usually in Excel format, which incorporates all required coding within the text, including html, hyperlinks and other non-translation items. 

1. Survey Exports

Not quite as simple as you might think!

Survey exports, usually in the form of an Excel document or a more specialised *.xml or *.mdd file, contain a large amount of material which does not require translation.  Over and above the programmer, interviewer or routing instructions of a standard survey formatted in Word or similar, there is often a large amount of ‘hidden’ routing and quota information which is not needed in your target languages.

As our costs are based on word count, the bottom line impact is usually fairly significant, cutting down an apparent wordcount of, say, 10,000 words for a 20- minute survey to a truer picture of 5,000 words for translation, and therefore costs and turnaround times based on actual translation needs, not on apparent first-sight ones.

Our Production Team have developed a sophisticated approach to recognise non-translation items, indicate them to your translation teams and exclude them from any final costs. 

2. On-line Survey Software

Not quite as simple as you might think!

Working directly into translator modules of Online Survey Software, most commonly the Confirmit™ Translator Module, requires a different approach from standard translation processes.  The main issue with translator modules is that there are rarely any spell- or grammar-checking capabilities within the survey software, nor are your translation teams able to take advantage of repetitions or regularly-appearing terminology for consistency purposes.

Despite many years of experience with these modules, we are yet to find a satisfactory translation solution.  Whilst working directly into the modules can save time, it almost certainly does not save on effort, and the resulting translations need to be checked by eye alone, leaving the end results more likely to be error-prone and inconsistent, even with the best will in the world.

One of RP Translate’s solutions to this very specific issue is to ask your programmer to export a final document that can be run through standard spell- and grammar-checking software, and also checked more readily for consistency of approach.  Based on the findings from this report, our translation teams then go back into the online module and make any final changes necessary.

This process leaves you with a fully auditable and traceable translation trail so you can be confident that your surveys have been quality-controlled to the highest level before going live.

3. Overlay Files

Not quite as simple as you might think!

Overlay files are usually in Excel format, and as with exported Excels or *.xmls, usually include a small amount of non-translation items such as html coding and minor routing instructions, but do not, on the whole, include quota or software directions.

Moreover, it is normal for there to be a Word file or similar which has formed the basis of the overlay, and this document, if available, is an excellent source of contextual information for your translation teams.

Difficulties can arise where the arrangement with your end-client is for them to give final approval over a Word document, and your programmers then have to amend the Excel overlay file accordingly.  Management of this process once translators start to get involved can be tricky. 

At RP Translate, our Senior Project Management team has developed a specialist tracking workflow procedure to ensure that your clients’ versions and the final version for programming are fully consistent, and nothing gets missed in the process. 

Online Link Checking

Once your survey is programmed and ready to go live, the last thing you need is for there to be a glitch in the works.

Part of our Online Survey process is to offer you a final Online Link Check to iron out any last minute creases, check for appropriate error messages and any relevant routing.  As a rule of thumb, the checking process takes approximately 3 times the amount of time required for the survey in a live environment, so a 20-minute survey will take approximately 1 hour to check.

RP Translate has developed a full Online Link Check procedure with an audited log to empower your programmers to make any necessary changes, and to ensure that your survey runs smoothly.

Scripting and Survey Hosting

Want to keep everything with a single supplier? RP Translate can offer scripting and hosting of your on-line surveys, through our carefully selected partners, offering you a seemless solution from the point your questionnaire is written, through to the production of your reports. Our expert programmers will take your questionnaire and write the scripts, load in the translated versions and host your survey.

You will have a single point of contact at RP Translate who will look after the whole process, and we can even produce all your reports once quotas have been met, usually within a day of the survey closing. No more waiting for a week or two from the closed date!

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