Screeners, Surveys and Discussion Guides

Screeners, Surveys and Discussion Guides

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Screeners and Surveys

Once you’ve decided on your respondent groups, you can then get your screener and questionnaire sorted.  The screener may be an integral part of your overall questionnaire, or you may decide to complete as a separate task and pre-screen your respondent group before targeting them with the questionnaire itself. 

Either way, it is likely that your screener and questionnaire will incorporate at least some of the following elements:

  • Invitation to participate and incentive
  • Introduction
  • Brand Concepts or Showcards
  • Closed-ended questions
  • Open-ended questions
  • Respondent Instructions
  • Scaled response options
  • Demographics
  • Close

Additionally, you may also include pre-translated or pre-agreed Key Performance Indicators, as well as interviewer and/or programmer instructions depending on final delivery.

From a translation perspective, it is important that the components of your survey are cross-cultural. A screener question on job sectors is a prime example, where it is crucial that the translations reflect the standard titles given to specific professions or industry categories within the country of the respondent rather than a direct word-for-word translation of the source material.

Our project managers will scour your material to pick up these kinds of issues before translation and seek further instruction from you to ensure perfect localisation. 

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Discussion Guides

Effective qualitative research demands an effective Discussion Guide for your moderator.  Your moderator needs to be able to relate to the language used in the Discussion Guide as do your group of respondents.  The tricky nature of discussion guide language requires a dab hand when it comes to translation. 

Carrying the nuances of the spoken word in written format into another language, a different culture, requires a specialist approach with an experienced hand.  Once you throw the specialist market research field into the mix, you know you need a team who really understand what they’re doing.

Our project managers will read through your Discussion Guide for sense and sensibility, and will seek further instruction or offer advice on any areas of potential cultural pitfalls they come across before getting your translation underway so every aspect and intention of the research are clear to all involved.  Jane Austen has nothing on us!

I wouldn't look elsewhere!

"I eventually get round to asking you for something, and as ever you do it quickly and efficiently at a very reasonable cost (and I get a desk calendar!) I wouldn’t ever both looking elsewhere. Had my fingers burnt with translations once – never again!!!"


Date : 05.09.2013

Languages : From German, Portuguese, Spanish into English

Project : Employee survey

Very happy!

"We were very happy with your services on this questionnaire."


Date : 01.08.2014

Languages : English to French

Project : Customer Engagement questionnaire

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