Nicholls Spinal Injury Foundation

Nicholls Spinal Injury Foundation

Prof Geoffrey RaismanProfessor Raisman, whose wonderful and ground-breaking research into spinal cord injury made recent global headlines with the first man to benefit now walking again after an horrific severance of his spinal cord through a knife injury, is supported in his work by nsif.  RP Translate is delighted to announce their support of this heartfelt charity, established by its founder, David Nicholls, when his own son suffered a broken neck and almost total paralysis after a simple swimming accident.

Not driven so much by the suffering of his own family, as by the total abandonment of other youngsters by their families whom David met in the hospital ward where his son was first admitted, nsif was established to fund scientific research into the spinal cord as well as give a platform to help encourage sufferers.

Paralysed Man WalksRP Translate are delighted to be supporting a charity with a heart-warming rationale and ethos, and such wide-reaching potential. Whilst Professor Raisman and his team are supported by nsif in building bridges with cells, RP Translate hopes in some small way to mirror those bridges in facilitating global communications. Translation is, after all, the second oldest profession in the world, and without it, as without Professor Raisman’s research, the world would be a significantly poorer place.


Committed to curing spinal injury

nsif is committed to funding research and development into curing spinal injury. nsif believes passionately in pursuing a cure through an evidence-based process of the highest clinical and research standards.

We support Professor Geoffrey Raisman FRS at the Institute of Neurology, one of the world’s pre-eminent neuroscientists, and Dr Pawel Tabakow, a leading neurosurgeon at Wroclaw Medical University.

Together, they are developing a pioneering procedure to reconnect severed spinal nerve fibres. Last year, they astounded the world when BBC’s Panorama followed the progress of their research and revealed that it offers real promise of spinal cord reconnection.

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