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Contact Ruth PartingtonName: Ruth Partington

Position: Director 

Favourite Food:  Curry     

Favourite Drink: Baileys (large, without ice please) 

Hobbies: Motorbikes, dogs, gardening, food and drinking good claret

Interesting fact: Ruth’s a qualified Metatronics® and Intuitive Core Healer in her spare time 

Awards: Young Business of the Year 1997 (RP Translate), Bedfordshire Businesswoman of the Year 2000AER Certified
AQR Member

Memberships: MRS, AQR, ATC Council Member, ESOMAR, AER Certified from the British Healthcare Business Intelligence Association (BHBIA), Camaro owners' club

Languages: English, Russian, French, Italian, plus bits of Chinese, Hebrew, Greek, and a handful of others too!

What Ruth says:  My life revolves around RP Translate. I’ve been running it for nearly 20 years, brought up 5 kids over that time, moved country (there and back – and left some kids there too!), and it still won’t go away!  I suppose languages and effective communication are underlying passions for me.  Although I laugh at funny mistranslations, something still grates that it wasn’t properly done in the first place…  Maybe that’s why they call me ‘Mrs Pedantic’ in the office?

E-mail:       Skype: rpt_ruth


Contact John TempleName: John Temple

Position: Co-owner and Director

Favourite Food: Curry

Favourite Drink: A good Single Malt

Hobbies: Motorbikes, MotoGP, dogs, organic gardening, food and drinking good claret

Interesting facts: John’s a qualified Metatronics® healer and works with energy and crystals in his spare time, as well as biking off round Europe to watch as many Moto GP’s as time will allow. Being half Scottish, he loves to wear a skirt whenever the opportunity arises.

Memberships: BIG, ESOMAR, Mercedes fan clubBIG Member

Languages: English and French

What John says: My life revolves around RP Translate.  I’ve been helping to run it for over 14 years, moved country (there and back), and am still driven to continuously develop our offering!  I am passionate about doing business with a smile and I firmly believe that it should be fun.  Maybe that’s why they call me ‘Mr Funny’ in the office?

E-mail:       Skype: rpt_john


Contact Becky KinnersleyName: Becky Kinnersley

Position:  Team Leader

Favourite Food: I couldn’t possibly choose a favourite….there isn’t much I don’t like!

Favourite Drink: A Hendrick’s and tonic

Hobbies:  Cooking, yoga, cinema and television

Interesting fact: Becky has spent time living in France, Spain, Russia and Switzerland, but found Russia was by far the most eye-opening country of all (not least thanks to her rather eccentric Russian landlady…).

Qualifications: MA Translation & Professional Language Skills and BA Modern Language Studies from the University of Bath

Languages: English, French, Spanish, Russian and a bit of Chinese

What Becky says: Translation Memory and CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools are my key remit at RPT.  I’m the one in charge of cataloguing your translation memories and making sure you get best value for your XML exports!

E-mail:       Skype: rpt_becky


Contact Polina HartnellName: Polina Hartnell

Position: Talent Hub Manager

Favourite Food: Salads... all sorts of salads! Especially spinach and Cesar salads!

Favourite Drink: A good quality red wine

Hobbies: I love making, creating and growing things, whether it is knitting, sewing, painting, baking or gardening. If it can be homemade then I’ll make it

Interesting fact: She lived in Russia for 20 years! Oh wait…maybe not that interesting… it's just because she's Russian

Qualifications: MA in Interpreting and Translating from the University of Bath, BA in Teaching Foreign Languages and Cultures from Kazan University (Russia)

Lanugages: Russian and English

What Polina says: I love my work and feel very lucky and privileged working with so many amazing, talented people from all over the world.       Skype: rpt_polina


Contact Lucy Du Port

Name: Lucy Du Port

Position: Project ManagerAER Certified

Favourite Food: Curry, Chinese, and anything with chocolate!

Favourite Drink: Ginger Beer, Pimm's

Hobbies: I’m quite musical - I sing in a church choir and play the flute. I’m also a keen sailor and I’m learning how to knit (slowly)

Interesting fact: Lucy first went sailing when she was six weeks oldBHBIA Legal Ethical guidelines Certified

Qualifications: MA in Translation and BA in French and German from Bristol University, AER Certified from the British Healthcare Business Intelligence Association (BHBIA), Legal & Ethical Guidelines Certified from the British Healthcare Business Intelligence Association (BHBIA)

Languages: English, German and French

What Lucy says: I love the variety of this job – no two projects are ever the same! It’s also great to be able to work with so many different languages with people all over the world.

E-mail:    Skype: rpt_lucy


Contact Lucy HardingeName:  Lucy Hardinge

Position: Team Leader

Favourite Food: SushiBHBIA Legal Ethical guidelines Certified

Favourite Drink: White Wine – or champagne for special occasions!

Hobbies: Formula 1 Motor Racing, Pub Quizzes, Sewing/Knitting, Dance and Shoe Shopping!

Interesting fact: Lucy has had a phobia of dogs ever since she was two years old and her next door neighbour’s dog chewed her favourite cuddly bumble-bee!AER Certified

Qualifications: MA in Translation Studies and BA Hispanic Studies from Bristol University, AER Certified from the British Healthcare Business Intelligence Association (BHBIA), Legal & Ethical Guidelines Certified from the British Healthcare Business Intelligence Association (BHBIA)

Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese and French

What Lucy says: Working with my Production Team, we look after your translations whilst they are with us. I love the variety of the work that we do on a daily basis, and even better that it’s in such a friendly, motivated company – you never know what exciting challenges you’ll be facing tomorrow!       Skype: rpt_lucyh


ChrisBmap175Name:  Chris Barnard

Position: Production Executive

Favourite Food: 古老肉 or a good Sunday Roast

Favourite Drink: A nice ale or ginger beer

Hobbies: Travelling, languages, obscure films and videogames, cycling, technology

Interesting fact: I was once the Best Man at a Chinese wedding, which took place in a village in rural Shaanxi Province in North-West China – apparently I was the first foreign person to ever visit!

Qualifications: BA in History/Politics and MA in Conflict, Governance and Development from the University of York

Languages: English and Mandarin

What Chris says: The opportunity to work in such a busy translation agency as RP Translate is both exciting and eye-opening – the translation industry is so vital yet little understood! I’m happy to be a part of the team!

E-mail:    Skype: rpt_chris


Maggie RyszkaName Maggie Ryszka

Position: Project ManagerAER Certified

Favourite Food: I love all food! But I probably couldn’t live without sushi.. and a good rare steak!

Favourite Drink: Gin & Tonic or kale smoothie – depends on the time of day

Hobbies: Yoga, healthy eating/cooking, American TV shows

BHBIA Legal Ethical guidelines CertifiedInteresting fact: I like to upcycle old furniture in my spare time

Qualifications: MA in Translation and Interpreting, University of Westminster and BA in English Language and Communication, Oxford Brookes University, AER Certified from the British Healthcare Business Intelligence Association (BHBIA), Legal & Ethical Guidelines Certified from the British Healthcare Business Intelligence Association (BHBIA)

Languages: English and Polish

What Maggie says: I am very excited to join this very dynamic, yet exceptionally friendly team!

E-mail:    Skype: rpt_maggie


Hanna WitonskaName Hanna Witonska

Position: Project Manager

Favourite Food: Pasta… I like all kinds of pasta

Favourite Drink: Red wine or Bacardi and Coke

Hobbies: I love sport and yoga. I also like travelling, reading, visiting museums and theatres

Interesting fact: I am interested in archaeology and history. I have a Masters in Archaeology from the University of Wroclaw

Qualifications: MA in Archaeology, University of Wroclaw, and BA in English Language and Literature Studies, University of Wroclaw

Languages: English and Polish

What Hanna says: I am happy to be a part of this friendly and supportive team! I really enjoy the job which connects people speaking different languages

E-mail:    Skype: rpt_hanna


Verity GrahamName: Verity Graham

Position: Junior Project Manager

Favourite Food: Khachipuri (and all other Georgian food)

Favourite Drink: Espresso martini

Hobbies: Running, drawing, painting, sewing, cooking and baking

Interesting fact: Verity once ran the world’s longest obstacle course race

Qualifications: BA Modern Languages and MSC Management, University of Bristol

Languages: English, Russian and French

What Verity says: I love looking for new ways to assist with projects to the best of my ability, as well as being part of the enthusiastic, supportive team at RPT!

E-mail:    Skype: rpt_verity


Liz TrendName: Liz Trend

Position: Junior Production ExecutiveBHBIA Legal Ethical guidelines Certified

Favourite Food: Curry, Chinese, Thai, pizza – they’re all great!

Favourite Drink: Prosecco or Pinot Grigio Blush

Hobbies: Cooking, baking, Zumba aerobics and travelling

BHBIA Legal Ethical guidelines Certified
Interesting fact
: As a child, Liz frequently used to finish the jar of apple sauce as pudding after having roast dinner

Qualifications: MA Translation & Professional Language Skills from the University of Bath and BA Modern Languages from Durham University, AER Certified from the British Healthcare Business Intelligence Association (BHBIA), Legal & Ethical Guidelines Certified from the British
Healthcare Business Intelligence Association (BHBIA)

Languages: English, Russian and Italian

What Liz says: I’m enjoying getting stuck into the role of Production Executive and look forward to helping the team ensure that we satisfy all our partners’ translation needs. Being able to practise my language skills alongside delivering excellent customer service is extremely fulfilling!

E-mail:    Skype: rpt_liz


Jennie PhillippoNameJennie Phillippo

Position: Translation Memory Administrator

Favourite Food: Any kind of takeaway!

Favourite Drink: Strawberry daiquiri

Hobbies: Visiting good coffee shops, trying out new cuisines and planning my next big adventure!

Interesting fact: Jennie once missed a flight because she was eavesdropping on a very interesting Spanish conversation! Oops!

TAUS Certified Quality ManagerQualifications: MA in Translation and Professional Language Skills and BA in Modern Languages and European Studies from the University of Bath, Certified Quality Manager from the Translation Automation User Society (TAUS) 

Languages: English, French and Spanish

What Jennie says: Having done my Master’s placement at RP Translate I’m delighted to now be on board as our Translation Memory Administrator! Being part of such an energetic, committed and ever-evolving company is both exciting and challenging – it certainly keeps me on my toes Smile

E-mail:    Skype: rpt_jennie


Beata GraczerName: Beata Graczer

Position: Trainee Production Executive

Favourite Food: A nice cigánypecsenye or tökfőzelék

Favourite Drink: Swimming Pool (I love blue curacao!)

Hobbies: Aerial arts, ballet, reading, writing, films

Interesting fact: At the age of 10, Beata won the Hungarian national championship in Kyokushin Karate

Qualifications: MA in English Literature and Grammar, Creative Writing at Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Hungary

Languages: Hungarian, English and French (in progress 😊)

What Beata says: I am thrilled to join such a rapidly progressing company and its lovely team, who made me feel welcome from day one! As a Trainee Production Executive I have a chance to work with different languages on a daily basis, which is really exciting.

E-mail:    Skype: rpt_beata


Contact Clare Partington Name: Clare Partington 

Position: HR/Marketing Manager

Favourite Food:  Tapas, meze, curry… anything with lots of big, bold flavours

Favourite Drink: A fresh, strong mojito

Hobbies: Having a good natter with anyone and everyone, hustling at the pool table, travelling and languages

Interesting fact: Clare once made Robin Williams laugh. Email her for the story!AQR Member

Memberships: AQR, BIGBIG

Qualifications: BA Modern Languages from Durham University

Languages: English, French and Italian

What Clare says:  Since starting at RPT, it’s been non-stop! I’m still trying to work out how to get eating, sleeping and breathing written back into my contract… Work is never over when I leave the office and I love it. My mind is constantly whirring over ways in which we can make our business relationships stronger, easier and more enjoyable. So, if you get a phone call asking the important questions about how our last project went with you – that will be me!

E-mail:       Skype: rpt_clare


Contact Andrew RichardsName: Andrew Richards

Position: Finance Clerk

Favourite Food: Pork belly with lots of crackling!

Favourite Drink: Spiced Rum (coke optional)

Hobbies: Playing football and cricket, avid sports fan who enjoys watching numerous sports, going to the Pub (not sure if that’s classed as a hobbie or not...), Fifa with friends.

Interesting fact: Andrew won the school Talent Show 3 years in a row. Although he was a wee nipper growing up in the Hebrides Isles in those days, he still fancies his chances in karaoke!

Languages: English (just about)

What Andrew says: RP Translate makes you want to come to work every day (even Mondays!) with its relaxed and friendly team. It creates an atmosphere that is the perfect place to learn and develop my accounts abilities with support always readily available and I look forward to many more years of doing so in this ever-growing team.

E-mail:     Skype: rpt_andrew


Maria GreenName: Maria Green

Position: Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Favourite Food: It’s a hard choice between Indian food or a good Sunday roast with lots of gravy (although the best thing I have ever eaten to date is the Pistachio Crème Brulee at the Waterside Inn).

Favourite Drink: I collect Spiced rum but am partial to Baileys (with ice!) or a fabulous cocktail!

Hobbies: As a mum of two small, beautiful and spirited children, existing hobbies have kind of gone out of the window, and have been replaced by more fruitful activities such as toy-management, crisis (strop) negotiations and oodles of laundry washing, all of which lead (sometimes) to a much quieter life. So it’s back to the old favourite things like reading, eating out and watching movies in the evenings (and when we can blackmail a babysitter)!

Interesting facts: Despite the (sky-scraper) heels and make-up, I am normally much happier outside, covered in mud and exploring nature with my family. I also love all things Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, and I am a lifetime Madonna fan (of her old stuff – Vogue has to be the all-time fav!).

Qualifications: BA (Hons) Psychology and Business Studies

What Maria says: My passion for creativity and effective communication are matched by my belief that only the highest standards of quality and service will do… which is a good job really as this is what RPT do so well!

E-mail:       Skype: rpt_maria


Contact Pam LovattName: Pam Lovatt

Position: Webmaster

Favourite Food: A nice gooey pudding ... and I LOVE ice cream

Favourite Drink: Amarula

Hobbies: Folk music playing violin/fiddle, dog training, walking, gardening and meditation.

Interesting fact: Pam lived in various African countries for almost 20 years and she is a qualified Flower Essence, Reiki and Angelic Reiki Practitioner. Pam is passionate about animals and animal welfare and has worked with Animal Rescue organisations in Africa and France.

Languages: English and French

What Pam says: RPT is a great company to work with and what an amazing experience to build their websites! I've also learnt quite a bit about translation in the process.  I'm a free-lance web designer and RPT always has something challenging for me, always pushing me to achieve the impossible, what a satisfying job!

E-mail:     Skype: rpt_pam










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