What People Say

What People Say

Excellent service, flexibility appreciated

"In terms of feedback, I think the service was excellent. The initial translation was completed quickly and to the agreed timeframe and the flexibility you showed to make the additional small tweaks in each language was very much appreciated."


Ruth says :  This project had several potential areas of consideration:  the nature of language applied meant that the country derivatives for each language had to be taken into serious consideration to ensure full participant engagement.  Moreover, as a programmed survey export was provided, html and routing code and instructions had to be respected, which can prove tricky with right-to-left languages such as Arabic.  Experience in handling these very specifically-targeted languages coupled with the complexities of an overlay file proved essential in providing the quality Callum clearly needed for his high-end client.

Languages: Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, Portuguese
Project: Public Opinion Survey analysing global attitude to key issues
Format: Excel overlay / programmed survey export

The Translations were Excellent

By the way **** have gone through the 6 translated questionnaires for the branding study with a fine toothcomb and concluded that the translations were excellent.  This is an area where we have sometimes had problems so this is great news.  Sounds like a good choice of translator and a good choice of in-house checker too.



Languages: English to German, Spanish, French, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Swedish, Simplified Chinese
Project: Internal branding survey for global technology company
Format: Exported XML files

Only good things to say about RPT!

"I only have good things to say! Your service was incredibly quick (even despite our very tight timings), and I’m very pleased with the quality of the translations and the responses to my queries that followed. We were in a bit of a panic with this project, but thankfully everything went better than we could have expected and your help on this played no small part."


Ruth says: Verbatim responses require particular attention to ensure accurate and understandable translations are provided to allow effective and relevant insights to be drawn from them.  In this case, the client needed a relatively large volume in a short space of time, and meaning was not always immediately clear due to the nature of the research and use of language by the respondents.  RP Translate’s experienced Project Management team were able to unravel the verbatim jigsaw and provide the client with a base on which they were able to build their insights and advise their client on how best to interpret and utilise the research.


The format was an exported Excel file.  These can prove tricky to handle to make sure that the data doesn’t get muddled and verbatim attributed to the wrong respondent ID, especially where there are several sets of responses to different questions within the same worksheet.

Spanish to English
Project: Translation of verbatim responses
Format: An exported Excel file

Efficient, high quality translations

"And feedback hasn’t changed from last time really! You always manage to get high quality translations to us as efficiently as humanly possible, and always put up with our often whimsical requests or when certain pieces are late – it’s greatly appreciated and makes our job a whole lot easier. We greatly value this relationship."


Ruth says: Whilst this might look like a straight-forward set of fieldwork documentation for some qualitative research, the trick here was to ensure that the language used in the recruitment screener really grabbed the prospective respondents to ensure as full an engagement as possible, especially given the renown of the end client.  The project took on an additional dimension in terms of tight timings, as feedback from the English focus groups demanded changes to the discussion guide and handout for the French groups, notification reaching us just a very short time in advance of the respondents turning up at the viewing studios!  The RPT team, spear-headed by Becky, pulled out the stops and got everything over to the moderators with enough time to peruse over a cup of tea before the real work of extricating emotions from the respondents began.

Format: Word (docx)
Project: Recruitment screener, discussion guide and discussion handout for well-known flight operator

Super-quick, Super-strong

"My feedback from RP translate is that it is a very fast and reliable supplier."


Ruth says : As with all verbatim responses, the language used by the respondents can often be tricky to represent cleanly in the target language, as it is can be highly colloquial, specialised and often obscure, as the responses usually do not re-state any given understandings.  The main challenge with this project was the high volume and short turnaround time, so our team really pulled out all the stops to get nearly 15k words back in 48 hours.

French and German to English
Project: translation of French and German verbatim from a survey on cleaning drinks machines
Format: an exported excel spreadsheet

Great Quality Work

"Please note that the feedback on this job translation is really good. All countries proof-readers who did the final revision on our side were very positive about the quality of the translation. So BIG thank you and your team for keeping within the timelines and for a great quality work. "



Ruth says Medically Tricky!

This one was a tricky project to get right:  highly specialised medical terminology combined with the required approachability of style for market research documentation is already a combination not envied by many in the translation arena.  Adding a  high level of localisation and language diversity into the mix as in this project tips the balance away from the favour of the LSP and towards the potential abyss of poisonous translation snakes.  A fully tried and tested specialist Talent Hub was essential for a successful outcome for this project.


Swiss French, Swiss German, KSA Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Mexican Spanish and Russian
Format: Word docs

An Excellent Job!

"Thank you for your help with this project, you have done an excellent job." 



Ruth says : Top level proofreading skills and medical knowledge were prerequisites for this project, particularly as the translations had come from the client’s in-country affiliates.  Consistency with previous waves was paramount, as was attention to detail for embedded html code.  Excel format is not generally conducive to understanding context, and the proofreading teams were working to a relatively tight budget and schedule, creating the need for an intensity of approach that demanded absolute focus and professionalism.


Italian, French, German, Spanish
Checking of Wave update screener and questionnaire for European Diabetes Tracker
Documents : Excel spreadsheet

Your Flexible Friend

‘– just wanted to pass on my thanks for turning this round in a) such a short time frame and b) when the second material didn’t reach us until a day or so after we said we’d have it to you. Your flexibility is always appreciated.’

Swiss French
Holidays questionnaire for major airline
Documents : Word (*.docx)
Note : Localisation using a Swiss-based French translation team was important for this project to ensure full respondent engagement. Absolute flexibility of the team was also essential as client sign-off was slow but deadlines still needed to be met.

Quick Turnaround Times

"Thanks for the help on this one and meeting the quick turnaround times"

Italian, French, German, Chinese for China and Hong Kong, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish
Wave update for a Tourism questionnaire for Australia
Particularly complex because of the fiddly nature of inserting the text into the html files which had multiple non-translation items and also a significant amount of duplication across the files.

Working with RPT a breath of fresh air

I must say I’ve been really impressed by the service that you guys offer! This is the first time I’ve managed a local language topic from the beginning and you and Cressida have been brilliant – the communication is excellent and you always deliver when you say you will which I really appreciate. Even down to receiving invoices, it helps for us to get them this way split out my project manager J In my past job I have worked with lots of translation agencies and it’s always been a bit of a headache so it’s a breath of fresh air working with RP.  

English to Japanese and Japanese to English
Questionnaire and Open End Responses

Incredibly happy with professional and friendly manner

We were very appreciative of the responsiveness of the team throughout the process and were incredibly happy with the professional and friendly manner in which RP handled our budget constraints, tight deadlines and additional translation requests.”

English into German, French, Italian and Spanish
Update to Gaming Questionnaire’

Very happy!

We were very happy with your services on this questionnaire.

English to French
Customer Engagement questionnaire

Very positive end-client feedback

We had very positive feedback from the client as to the standard of the translation. So I just wanted to say thank you.

English to French
Customer engagement questionnaire

Friendly, helpful and able to meet tight deadlines

I have used RP Translate a number of times over the years and have always had a very positive experience. The team is friendly, helpful and always able to meet my tight deadlines and last minute requests.

English to Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese Brazilian, Russian, Swedish, Turkish
Employee satisfaction survey

Excellent service and communication!

RP Translate was recommended to me by a colleague after needing a translation service at very short notice with a tight deadline. Their service and communication were excellent, delivery was on time, and given the short lead time, the translation needs were well met.

English to Arabic, Ukrainian, Japanese, Russian
Brand concepts

Happy client!

I am very happy with the service provided and the speed at which you are turning things around for us at present.

From Singaporean into Hindi, Malay, Indonesian and Chinese
MT post edit of questionnaire

I wouldn't look elsewhere!

I eventually get round to asking you for something, and as ever you do it quickly and efficiently at a very reasonable cost (and I get a desk calendar!) I wouldn’t ever both looking elsewhere. Had my fingers burnt with translations once – never again!!!

From German, Portuguese, Spanish into English
Employee survey

First class service!

RP Translate have delivered a first class service on every project we have worked with them on in the last 3 years. They have a good understanding of the Market Research process and are comfortable in dealing with any questionnaire however complex or badly formatted they receive it in. We use RP Translate on all scripting studies as we know we can trust them to not only translate the questionnaire but do the overwriting and check the final translated links with the utmost care.

English to Turkish
Leisure activity survey

Great work!

Thanks again for the great work, although I was not directly involved with the projects, my colleagues have said the translations were very good.

English to German
MYO concept translation

Prompt service, as always

Thanks for your prompt services as always.

English to French, German , Swedish, Danish
Brand trends

Another great piece of work!

Many thanks for this and yet another great piece of work…thanks!

English to French
Marketing concept board translation

Timing and quality - what a combo!

We were pleased with the work you and your team did for us on our last couple requests in regards to timing as well as quality. Keep it up.

English to Québécois, Indonesian, Vietnamese
Automotive questionnaire

Great translations!

Thank you for the great work on these translations and hope you have a great weekend.

43 language project
Store exit questionnaire

Approval from the horse's mouth - native French speaker gives us the thumbs up!

I must say it’s the first time I check such a perfect translation. Compliments to RP Translate! 

English to French
Brand testing survey

Perfect translations!

Just a note to say the translations were checked and they were perfect so thank you so much.

English to Arabic
Concept translations

Happy end client!

Just to say we’ve received feedback from the client re. Mexico & Argentina, and they’re happy with them.

English to Spanish for Mexico and South America
Survey wave updates

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