Ruth Partington, Founder and Director of RP Translate

Ruth Partington,
Founder and Director
of RP Translate

RP Translate is built on a philosophy of excellent partnership.

For us, our work is about putting heart and soul into what we do. We want to get it right for you – not just once, but time after time.

To make this happen, the cornerstone of our approach is enjoying what we do, bolstered by the knowledge that our team of experts are at the cutting-edge of insight translation technology, service and linguistic innovation.

Our Team

Every member of our Bristol-based team is a world leader in coordinating specialist Market Research translations. Not only are we trained linguists, we are also MRS- and BHBIA- trained, and often at insight conferences and training events - make sure to look out for one of these friendly faces at the next one!

Our Directors

Ruth has close synergy with the Insight Industry and uses the company's strong foundations to develop its linguist offering in collaboration with MR clients

Ruth Partington

Founder and Director

John has spent nearly 20 years in the Insight Industry as Director at RP. He has forged strong partnerships to improve the quality of global insight through language service, accuracy and efficiency

John Temple

Director, Sales

Our Management

Becky holds a first-class MA in translation (Russian, French, Spanish) and plays a leading role in building new and creative solutions for our international research partners with a focus on developing and emerging technologies

Becky Kinnersley

Head, Client Services

Lucy promotes the highest attention to detail amongst her team, supported by her extensive expertise (MA in translation, Spanish and Portuguese) and training (MRS Quant & Qual, BHBIA Legal & AER)

Lucy Hardinge

Head, Production

Emily is a fully-trained auditor and self-confessed Compliance geek, unphased by GDPR and DPA. Her priorities are keeping everything and everyone safe, secure and happy

Emily Eaton

Head, Compliance & HR

Toby, our resident ‘socialite’, loves building relationships and making life easy for those around him. Qualities which place him perfectly to manage RP’s world-class team of global translators

Toby Partington

Head, Support Services

Our Rabble Raisers

Translators are people who have exceptional insight into two cultures. They are the ones who help us understand the world

Hanna Witonska

Client Services Manager

The limits of my language mean the limits of my world. Languages open doors, normally to wonderful new cultures and understanding, do yourself a favour and learn as many as you can!

Alexis Lopez-Gonzalez

TransTech Administrator

For me, translation is all about bringing us all closer to each other, and giving everyone a chance to express the opinions that are essential to high-quality insight – without a language barrier!

Joséphine Jacquot

Client Services Manager

Working at RPT is a pleasure: my work is very interesting and we all get along in the team. I’m learning so many things during my three months internship here, I wish I could stay longer!

Claire Milliot


Translation opens our eyes to cultures and peoples from whom we wouldn’t otherwise be able to learn and grow

Lucy Harries

Project Manager

Sam is a fully trained Marketer with many years’ experience working for brands such as BMW, Hildon, Lloyds Banking Group and Aviva. Her vision and creative eye will ensure the brand reaches its highest potential.

Samantha Greatbanks

Marketing Manager

From starting as an apprentice with RPT I’ve now reached the stage where I’ve started saying “back when I started” which confirms I’m both getting old, and turning into my old man – not sure which one is more worrying!

Andrew Richards

Finance Administrator

Your success is our success!

Our team are trained to advise you of any challenges

or ways to enhance your research throughout your project.

Start your journey with us today!

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