Quality Control

Quality Control

Quality is everything - or is it? 

A key question about translation is how on earth do you ensure 'quality'?  A good 'buzz' word, but what does 'quality' actually mean and how do you ascertain the quality of what you get?

At RP Translate, we believe that the ultimate proof of quality is the results received from your fieldwork, rather than whether you have a word-for-word translation matching your source text exactly. 

Arhats from LiJiang China © G Raisman
Perfection within

Often your source text will reflect the culture and understanding in which it is written.  For example, the word 'phone' could be used to mean 'landline telephone' or 'mobile telephone' or possibly even both.  Equally the same adjectival attribute may be applied with different intentions in brand concepts to ascertain people's reactions.  Poorly placed prepositions such as 'who to' instead of 'to whom', whilst reflecting accurately how we speak, can cause confusion or a resulting imbalance in a translated sentence leading to skewed results.

Classic sayings or part of them (e.g. it's raining cats and dogs) will also require proper interpretation for them to make sense in taret languages.

A 'good' or high quality translation will reflect the true meaning of the text by applying the correct interpretation of the words within the given context, which is not necessarily a direct reflection of its source.

Certified to ISO9001:2008, EN15038 and ISO27001, our stringent quality control and workflow processes, together with a policy of transparency cover the vague but important area of 'quality'.  Our processes, backed up by internationally-recognized certifications, go in part to address concerns about quality.  Over and above standard processes, however, our Project Managers will pre-flight your texts to check for anomalies or potential translation issues and come back to you for clarification or possible amendment if required.


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