Transparency of Process

Transparency of Process

We are committed to an open, EN15038-compliant working translation process at RP Translate. 

This means all documents are translated and proofread.  Our normal process is to create synergistic teams of translators and editors, who communicate together freely during the translation process.

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To this end, we employ the following 5-step process as standard:

  1. The document is sent to both the translator and the proof-reader, and they decide between them who will perform which task for this assignment
  2. Once the document is translated, the translator is asked to send it to the proof-reader directly
  3. The proof-reader carries out their task and completes an evaluation form relating to specific aspects of the translation, and returns the translation to the translator
  4. The translator reviews the proof-reader’s comments and accepts or rejects them as they see fit, before returning the final translation to us
  5. Our in-house team review the translation and finalise it before returning the work to you.

In case of query, we will revert to both the translator and the proof-reader in a transparent communication for resolution.

All communications are copied in to the RP Translate Project Manager and retained with your project, and a full copy of all files at each stage of the process together with the proof-reader’s evaluation form are available to you on request.

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