Arhats from LiJiang China © G Raisman
Unravelling the mystery


If it’s speed you’re after, or to help you keep your sanity and work within your budget whilst handling multilingual survey responses, why not go direct to code and bypass the verbatim translation requirement?

Our coding service will code your foreign language verbatim directly without the need for translation, using a pre-determined, pre-agreed codeframe, thus keeping costs and time minimal for this part of your research project.  If you don’t have a codeframe, our experienced coders will co-ordinate and create one for you to ensure consistency of approach across all markets.

Our coders will also proofread your verbatim to remove profanities or specific identifiers in the source if needed for you to give anonymous and appropriate presentation to your clients.

Boasting extensive experience in single and multi-coding of diverse subjects, ranging from comments on up and coming film releases to computer service feedback, we have developed a large team of experienced coders ready to meet your needs.  And if you need an audit trail, we’ll add a small percentage of verbatim translation - FREE.

Join our 'millionaires' gang: we code in excess of 2 million verbatim a year, from brands to multi-themed, tiered response coding.

With costs ranging from as little as 20p per single-coded response, what are you waiting for? 

Drop your foreign language verbatim coding nightmare in our laps, and we’ll turn it into one of your sweetest dreams!

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