So the survey’s over, online access is closed, quota are filled.  But you’ve got three open-enders across 7 international markets in a variety of languages and now you have to deal with them. Well, you’re in the right place! 

Arhats from LiJiang China © G Raisman
Telling it like it is

RP Translate has specialist teams of international verbatim translators and coders with expert understanding of market research needs, so that you can be confident you really will know what your respondents are saying so their verbatim can be accurately assessed and coded.

Moreover, if you need specific items dealt with sensitively, such as removal of names or profanities, then our teams will provide you with a full translation AND an edited version, so you can see exactly what has been removed, empowering you to give your client the best and most appropriate information.

You have access to two options on your verbatim translation through RP Translate:

1.  Human Translation: this option will give you high quality output, suitable for direct client presentations

2.  Machine translation and post-editing: this option is designed to give you translations from which to code or analyse, and whilst it is still essentially accurate, it does not give you a polished client-facing finish.

We can also offer you a combination of the two if you need the majority of the verbatim for analysis purposes but would like a selection to present in your report findings for your client.

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