Back Translation

Back Translation

Arhats from LiJiang China © G Raisman
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Back-translation does exactly what it says:  it translates translated material back into English.

Generally speaking, the purpose of back translation is to enable you to pick up any mistranslations or other errors. However, because any translator worth their salt will adapt a translation so that it can be read more easily and comfortably by its target audience, it may be difficult to ascertain exactly what may or may not need to be changed in the existing translation to make it fit for purpose as you will never get the same text back as you started with.

Back-translation will NOT reveal any typing or grammatical errors, misspellings or even minor mistranslations. 

If the purpose of your back-translation is to ensure that the translation you have is fit for purpose, it may not be the best solution for you. Our proofreading / verification service may give you better, more empowering information, even if you are not familiar with the language in question.

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