What is Translation?

trans·la·tion /transˈlāSHən/

Noun :

The process of translating words or text from one language into another

A written or spoken rendering of the meaning of a word, speech, book, or other text in another language

What is Translation?

A translation is a true and accurate reflection of a text in one language (the source language) in another language (the target language).

Pyramid Reflection © G Raisman
A true and accurate reflection ...

But there is significant skill involved in producing a professional translation.  Rendering a document from one language to another effectively requires the translator not only to be comfortably familiar with the ins and outs of BOTH languages, but also to understand the nature of the text and the true intentions of the author.  Little do we realise how much we apply our life skills to translation: we need to be psychologists, linguists and subject specialists!

At RP Translate we have established teams to help ensure that your translations are tailored to your exact requirements, whether that be French for the Ivory Coast or Hindi for London. 

What do we do to ensure this happens? 

Well, apart from being confident that your translation teams know and understand both your subject and what you want to achieve, keeping up to date with language development is a further major consideration.  Often, translation agencies prefer to use established translators based here in the UK to be certain of complete understanding of the English source text and any client instructions which may accompany the documents.

However, whilst this is not an invalid argument by any means, here at RP Translate we prefer to have initial translations carried out by residents in the target country, and then evaluated or edited through our independent Quality Assurance procedures by a suitably-qualified translator back here in the UK.

This way, we believe that you will receive the best possible solution.  The in-country translator will be certain to use the most up-to-date, appropriate terminology for your translation, and the UK-based editor will ensure that the source text and all instructions are fully understood and adhered to.

Moreover, our final in-house check will reveal anything requiring further attention, such as layout or technical issues. The end result?  Well, the feedback speaks for itself: over 95% of clients interviewed rated our service as ‘Good’ or Excellent’, and with our dedicated system of continuously seeking feedback from you to ensure we meet your requirements, it appears that our approach to modern-speak is working! 

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