Verification and Proof Reading

Verification and Proofreading

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I Don’t Speak Xhosa So How Do I Check It?

Well, without being flippant, and short of finding yourself an agent who does speak the lingo and whom you trust, you can’t. That means you’re reliant on your translation agency to get it right.

But there are some checks you can ask for over and above soliciting just a translation, which are tools to help you ascertain the quality of what you’re getting.

Here at RP Translate, we have developed a specialist verification service, which provides an independent check of your translation, complete with proposed changes and full explanations of those proposals. The document is designed to put you in charge, whether you speak the language in question or not, and to leave you with as good a translation as possible, fit for purpose and error-free.

Verification involves a skilled translator sitting with both the original and the translated text and pointing out any differences, identifying if there are any mistranslations, omissions, additions, misunderstandings or ambiguities. Working on the assumption that the original translation is of a reasonable quality, verification will cost approximately half the original translation cost, and is designed to provide you with a fully-usable text of which you can be completely confident.


An Excellent Job!

"Thanks for the help on this one and meeting the quick turn around times."


Date : 15.04.2014

Languages :  Italian, French, German, Spanish

Project : Checking of Wave update screener and questionnaire for European Diabetes Tracker

Documents : Excel spreadsheet

Note : Top level proofreading skills and medical knowledge were prerequisites for this project, particularly as the translations had come from the client’s in-country affiliates.  Consistency with previous waves was paramount, as was attention to detail for embedded html code.  Excel format is not generally conducive to understanding context, and the proofreading teams were working to a relatively tight budget and schedule, creating the need for an intensity of approach that demanded absolute focus and professionalism.



Job Managed by Becky

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