No Hidden Costs

No Hidden Costs

“They often charge the full word count shown in Word, even though routing instructions are not translated…”

An Open Book Policy - Copying Hieros - China – LiJiang © G Raisman
An open book policy

It is a constant gripe and a loop-hole often exploited by translation agencies who assume you don’t know the word-count of your questionnaire.

At RP Translate, we have created a series of templates to interrogate your questionnaire for non-translation items before we run it through our Translation Memory software.  The templates empower us to give you a clear picture on actual number of words for translation as well as direct repetitions and any pre-translated materials.

We charge a small file set-up fee for this, but the advantages are savings in the region of 25-40% over and above being charged for a full word-count, especially as you’re not receiving that.  Our quotes are transparent – you can see the file set-up fee, the full word-count and the full rate equivalent word-count (which we will charge).

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