RP Translate team

At RP, we help you use language to drive change for your clients.

We are a professional and passionate group of linguists engaged exclusively in improving the quality of global research – through language.

Giving voice to your participants becomes a rewarding and enjoyable experience, following our guiding principle:

language = thought = behaviour = culture

Our Focus

We create value-driven, long-term partnerships, continuously expanding our borders through development and innovation at the heart of the insight industry.


Quality is delivered through our unique 5 stage verification process, our Talent Hub and our sector experience


Our Innovations Team is always on the front foot when it comes to innovation in the language services we offer


We are linguists who are engaged exclusively with Research. Our knowledge of the research process means we can advise you at every stage

Research Literacy

We are MRS-trained with research experience so we know the importance of language in your processes


A friendly and passionate team which values long-lasting client relationships

Our History

RP Translate Young Business of the Year Winner

Where it all began...

In 1993, Ruth Partington – a freelance linguist and new mother – found her true calling. She founded RP Translate and remains at the helm as Managing Director of what is now the only translation agency in the world to specialise exclusively in Insight Translations (as far as we know!).

Having gone from strength to strength, the RP Team today is made up of expert Insight linguists who continuously push the boundaries of market research translation. Through innovative use of cutting-edge translation technology and processes that are unique to RP, we produce language services of the highest quality to help you produce stunning global insights.

What ‘Translation’ means to us…

Translation is the linchpin of any multilingual research project – and it is far more than just changing words from one language to another. High-quality insight translations take into account linguistic and local cultural nuances, as well as project context, purpose and methodology, and help you to communicate honestly and accurately with your participants.

As a team, we understand that quality work usually doesn’t mean the most expensive or the longest time taken. It all comes from understanding exactly what is required from the beginning, and then working in close partnership with you to produce consistently the most accurate and actionable global insights for you and your clients.

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